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About Us

ruangwaktu Knowledge Hub for Sustainable [Urban] Development aims to bridge knowledge production with policy makers and local actions in the fields of urban design, urban planning and governance, urbanization policies, local capacity building, and sustainable development in general.

Our services

ruangwaktu has various experiences working at the local, regional, national, and international level; together with government, civil society, as well as private sector.

As a knowledge-hub, we invite you to come and discuss together in discussion sessions that we hold regularly.

ruangwaktu Co-Working Space provides a solution for those of you who need a meeting room in a very strategic location in Jakarta.

Our publication

Work with us

ruangwaktu offers consultancy services, research, and training in the field of urban development, which includes:

  1. Planning, designing, and managing urban development
  2. Spatial plan, regional dimension, and transportation sector
  3. Strengthening socio-economic modalities
  4. Improving people’s welfare and participation
  5. Developing environmentally-friendly town

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