Brief Note from Palu

Written by: Wicaksono Sarosa Just got back from a very brief but touching/distressing (yet hopefully productive) visit to the City of Palu, which two months ago was devastated by 7.4 scale earthquake, followed by tsunami (13m-high in some parts of the waterfront, according to some eye-witnesses) as well as by much less understood but noContinue reading “Brief Note from Palu”

The Case for Closer ASEAN Housing Cooperation

Efforts to strengthen cooperation within the ASEAN region have intensified in the recent years, with more expectedly to follow. In apparent response to the increasingly competitive global regionalization, ASEAN member countries have begun envisioning an ‘ASEAN Community’ by the year 2020. Three main pillars for closer cooperation have been recently developed, namely the Security Community,Continue reading “The Case for Closer ASEAN Housing Cooperation”