Kota Pasca Korona

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There are at least three main recommendations for cities after the COVID-19 pandemic.

E-pocketbook ‘Kota Pasca Korona’
By: Wicaksono Sarosa, Nurulitha Andini, Ardina Putri, Chintya Jasmine, Gabriel Efod, Zahra Mufidah (2021)

===== E-pocketbook ‘Kota Pasca Korona’ =====


The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the coronavirus is a health crisis, which then has implications for other sectors. This pandemic has caused various countries to face a dilemma: between challenges in the health sector or challenges in the economy.

In a situation that is still full of uncertainty, many things cannot be predicted. However, the pandemic is likely to change many things, including how cities are planned, built, and managed. After this pandemic is over, the cities we live in will never be the same. Cities will also face new challenges in the post-corona era, including in realizing 'Cities for All'.

E-pocketbook 'Kota Pasca Korona' imagined the possible implosion of the coronavirus in cities, starting from the shocks it faces, the city's response to the pandemic, and at least three recommendations which can be developed in post-pandemic cities.

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